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What is Impeachment?

Hello readers, in this post today I have brought a very important information for you. Our topic today is "Impeachment", you will know about it in detail in this article. You must have heard about it in the news at some time or the other.
Impeachment rules, What is Impeachment?

What is Impeachment?
Impeachment is a constitutional and judicial legal process. This process is used when the officials holding certain positions in the Parliament violate the constitution, then impeachment is used to remove them from that post. In the process, those people are legally charged with charges. These constitutional positions include the President, Supreme Court and High Court judges. Used this process under the Article of the Constitution. The constitutional process of impeachment began in Britain.

How is impeachment passed?
The removal of any judge of the Chief Justice, Supreme Court and High Court is vested only with His Excellency the President, who, on the recommendation of Parliament, may exercise his powers to remove him from his office.

How is the proposal for impeachment prepared?

  • Any officer who is accused of violating the constitution. That officer gets involved in this process of impeachment.
  • The resolution against that officer requires the signature of at least one-fourth of the members of that House, as it cannot be impeached until it is signed by one-fourth of those members.
  • To pass a resolution, it is mandatory to get a two-thirds majority of the total members of that House, because the resolution can be passed only by this majority.

How is the House/Sadan process of impeachment motion?
After the process of any resolution alleging violation of the constitution is passed, it will send the house to the second house for investigation. This way you can understand that if there is a charge in the Lok Sabha, it is sent in the Rajya Sabha and if there is a charge in the Rajya Sabha, it is sent to the Lok Sabha.

How does the second house/Sadan react?
If any allegation is proved against an officer in the first house, then the second house also conducts investigation, or gets it done. And if the procedure in this second house proves that the constitution has been violated by the office bearers, and also passed by the second house by at least two-thirds majority, then the passing of that resolution From the date of, the officer is revoked from his post and his rights are taken away.

Does the officer have the right to stand?
Yes, during the impeachment, it is mandatory for that officer to be present during the investigation of the allegations leveled against any officer, and that officer can also present his / her side. But the decision to remove the officer from his office is made by the House itself.

Rules of impeachment.
  • The impeachment motion can be introduced in any House of Parliament, and may be imposed on any officer who violates the Constitution.
  • If the Member of Parliament in both the Houses manage to agree to a consensus, then the President's order, which has been impeached, can be removed.
  • Signatures of at least 100 Member of Parliament must be present for the impeachment to be introduced in the Lok Sabha, and the signature of at least 50 Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha is mandatory.
  • After the Speaker or Speaker of the House accepts the motion / resolution, a committee of three members is formed, and then the allegations made are investigated. If the speaker or president does not agree with this, they can also reject it.
  • A Supreme Court judge, a Chief Justice of a High Court, and any other person are involved by the Speaker or the Speaker to investigate charges of impeachment.

Friends, what is impeachment called? What is Impeachment You may have liked our article, if you have any suggestion or advice related to it, then you can share it by writing in the comment box below.

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