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Importance Of Computer

 Importance Of Computer

In the modern era, the wonderful discoveries of science and technology have brought a revolution in human life. Today's era is the era of science. Computer is one of these wonderful discoveries of science made by man, which has affected human life in almost all the fields. If we call today's era as the era of computer, then it will not be an exaggeration. Computer has proved its usefulness in all fields of education, entertainment, medicine, transport, communication etc. Computers are proving to be very useful in the field of education. Gradually computer subject is becoming compulsory in schools. The increasing number of schools, educational institutions etc. providing computer education in small towns and metropolitan cities is a proof of the popularity of computers.

Until a few years back, computers were considered a means of convenience. But due to continuous improvement and development in technology, computer has become the most important useful tool of the century. In today's era, wherever we see, all the work is done by computer only. So we can say that in our present day life style computer system is so much ingrained that it is very difficult to find someone like that. Who would not have heard about Computer.

The invention of computer has made the dreams of many come true even we cannot imagine our life without computer. Generally, it is a device that is used for many purposes such as keeping information safe, e-mail, messaging, software programming, calculation, data processing etc. Desktop computer requires CPU, UPS, KEYBOARD, and MOUSE to function whereas in laptop all this is present inside it. It is an electronic device with large memory that can store any data safely. We are living in the modern world of computers in the 21st century.

Earlier generations of computers used to do very limited tasks, while modern day computers can perform a lot of tasks.

Charles Babbage built the first mechanical computer in 1822, which was very different from today's computers. The goal of the invention of the computer was to produce a machine that could perform mathematical calculations very quickly. During World War II, it was necessary to estimate the speed and direction of enemy weapons and to find out their exact position. Today's computers are equipped with artificial intelligence techniques that help in every walk of life.

New generation computers are highly advanced i.e. smaller, lighter, faster, and very powerful. These days it is being used in every business like- examination, weather forecasting, education, science, shopping, traffic control, high level programming, railway ticket booking, medical field, business etc. Along with internet it is the mainstay of information technology and it proved that nothing is impossible in today's time. There are hundreds of advantages of computers for human beings, then there are also disadvantages like cyber crime, pornographic websites, which are easily accessible to our children and students. By some measures we can avoid its negative effects.

Today, excessive dependence of man on computer technology is increasing. No one can imagine their life without computer as it has spread its legs everywhere and people have become addicted to it. It is beneficial for any level of student. They can use it to make projects, learn poems, stories, download exam notes, gather information, etc. in a very short span of time. Along with increasing the skill development of the students, it is also helpful in getting a job.

The level of teaching and learning through computer has also improved. Nowadays many such institutes are being opened where a person can get knowledge sitting at home through internet. Computer is proving to be a boon for the students engaged in management, law and research. Computers have also played an essential role in the publication of books.

Whether it is in private or government offices, working through computers has become very easy and simple. Now all the important data and facts related to the office are kept safe in the 'file' which saves a lot of time. Many tasks which used to require many people, now the same work is completed in a very short time through a computer, that is why now the use of computers has become mandatory in every government and non-government offices. All business information is recorded in it, which makes it easy to do business.

A revolution has come in the field of communication through computers. Through 'e-mail', people can send and receive their messages from their relatives or friends sitting thousands of miles away with very little cost and time. Through 'Internet' man is able to exchange all kinds of information from any corner of the world. In reality, the expanse of internet is limitless and it has brought us so close, as if the whole world is in front of us.

Some of the important uses of computer are as follows.

  • To solve complex mathematical equations.
  • In designing the best kind of architecture.
  • To get the print of tables of mathematical reports in very less time.
  • To see the internal condition of the patient's body and identify the disease.
  • To obtain air travel, shipping routes and weather information.
  • For designing airplanes, ships, cars, bridges, buildings, motorcycles and any other complex machines.
  • To control rockets and missiles on their flight paths.
  • For automatic controlling of heavy duty machines and equipment.
  • To control various industries like: chemical, oil refinery, steel, etc.
  • For automatic temperature control in modern multi-storey buildings and sensitive industries.
  • To perform automated tasks by robots.
  • For monitoring and controlling the functioning of nuclear reactors.
  • For high volume reports.
  • For production and publication of books, magazines, newspapers etc.
  • To keep records safe in the insurance company.
  • To perform various functions.
  • For seat reservation in Railways, Airlines and Buses.
  • To control traffic at the airport.
  • To control exchange traffic in a telephone exchange.
  • To make the teaching methodology excellent in educational institutions.
  • To handle large size library.
  • To find criminals.

Thus we see that in the modern era computer is directly or indirectly connected to every area of human life. It is not possible to deny this wonderful gift of science. This is our need today. Initially, of course, it was limited to a specific group of people, but due to the positive attitude of the government, it is gradually taking a wider form. As a result of which it has become a necessity of thousands of middle class people. In our country, where there are thick clouds of unemployment and economic crisis, in such an environment, no doubt the expansion of computers will take time. But looking at the way its need is increasing or the speed with which computerization is happening, it can be estimated that very soon it will make its place in all homes like Doordarshan.

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