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What are the Links?

 What are the Links?

Link is such a word, which we often find on social media or on any other platform. A link is a direct and easy way to access any product or service on the Internet. Links are also a medium to reach any product or service to the masses. Links are very important for Search Engine Optimization of any blog and website.

What are links / What is link?

Actually links are those codes, which take us directly to any web page or website. The meaning of link is to add, which takes the user directly to their desired site. Links have a very important contribution to any web page or website.

How many types of links are there / Types of link?

Technically there are three types of links.

  • Internal Link
  • Inbound Link and Backlink
  • Outbound Link and External Link

Note: Let us tell you here that inbound links are called backlinks and outbound links are called external links.

What are internal links / What is internal link?

These are the links that you can put in the post on your blog. In this, we can put a link to our or any other post inside our blog post. Those are called internal links. As much as SEO is important inside a blog post or article, equally important is the link. Due to the internal link, the page view of the blog increases, and the Bounce rate decreases. Your old post also gets ranked through internal links.

What are Inbound Links or Backlinks?

Inbound or backlinks are those links through which your blog post gets ranking quickly. In this, when another blogger puts a link to your blog or your blog post in his post, it is called Inbound or Backlink. Backlink is very important for both your blog and SEO. If you adjust the backlink in the right place and in the right way, then your post gets ranked very quickly, and at the same time it also increases the DA ie Domain Authority of your blog.

What are outbound links or external links?

These are the links in which you put the link of someone else's blog inside your blog. Suppose I put any external link related to the content available in my blog inside any blog available on my site, then it means that we have put an Outbound link or External link in our blog. Such links are inserted to provide you with additional information.

So friends, I hope that you have liked this information given by us. If you want to give us any advice or suggestion related to this, then you are most welcome. You can also subscribe us for our other articles. You can also tell us by commenting that you need information on any subject on our website, we try to make that information available to you on our website as soon as possible. Do share this information with your friends. Thank you

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