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Types Of Website

 Types Of Website

Nowadays everyone is crazy about internet, whether he uses internet for reading, whether he uses any other information or social media. The meaning of saying is that today in general no one is untouched by it. At the very beginning of this topic, we are mentioning the Internet because today we will give you complete information about the types of websites available on the Internet. Whatever information we get from the internet, we get it from some or the other, websites, forums, blogs etc. That is, the source of every information received on the Internet is linked to some website or web page. There is definitely some owner of all these websites, who provides different types of information for us on their website, whether it is of any type (written, audio, video, photo etc.), we provide web portal to each website. Can also speak. To increase general knowledge, today we will make you aware about the different types of websites.

Internet is the medium where we can get all kinds of information at one place. And we get all this information through websites. So let's know, how many types of websites are there, and how many types of websites have you used till date.

1. Search Engine Website
These are the sites or websites that are used the most. We use them when we want to see information related to a subject in many ways, or want to see many results. These websites are called Search Engine Websites. The most prominent of this type of website is google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, in which Google is used the most. More than 1 billion people use Google to search every day. Inside these websites, you get any kind of information in the world, except the website blocked by Search Engine. They provide you the list of sites with correct results, from where you can get information by selecting the appropriate site. Some search engines also provide you more than one portal.

2. Informational website
These are the websites from where you can directly get information related to a particular subject. The purpose of creating such a website is to easily share the information given by them to everyone. To get information from this type of website, you have to pay a price on some sites, or on some you may also get information for free. In these you get Study Material, Stock, Software, E-Book, Live Sport, Weather and other types of information.

3. Blog or Personal Website
If we talk about today's era, then you get most of the detailed information from some personal website or blog only. As you are reading this article of ours on our Blog Site only. This type of website is most popular nowadays, in which News and Information websites are on top. With this type of blog, you can get complete knowledge on any subject. In these, you get information about Technology, Home Remedies, Blogging etc. and other types of information. Creating such a website is not very difficult, even if you have a little knowledge of computer, you can still create this website, and publish news and articles. For more information related to blog website, what is this article of ours? Must read. You can easily make this type of website at low cost or even absolutely free.

4. Online Diaries Website
These are also like a blog site in a way, there will be many people among you, who are definitely fond of writing something or the other in their daily life. If only your writing is made online, then it is called an online diary, on which you can write the information of your choice and share it publicly. In this way it is also easy to make Dairies, and you can also earn from your writing art. Here you can manage your blog dairies by creating your site on blogger.com, wix.com or WordPress. You can share your thoughts and ideas with the public.

5. Forum Website
This type of website is also called Question-Answer website, because here you can ask any question, or answer any question present on this website. Here people solve their problems through conversation or question-answer.

In today's era, there are many such websites on the Internet, where you can register yourself and join them. Here you can ask any kind of question, in return you get many answers to this question. If you have knowledge about the question asked by someone else, then you can also answer their question. The most prominent of this type of forum website is quora.com where you can ask questions and answers related to any topic.

6. Company Website
Internet is a kind of open market where everyone can do their service online. In this era of Internet, nowadays every company from small to big has a website, where you get information about that company and all the services provided by them, in which the company's About Us, Service, Contact Us and others Different types of pages are available.

7. E-Commerce Website
These are also called Shopping Site. This type of website is very popular in today's era, because by login on it, we can order the necessary goods sitting at home. And the delivery of that stuff is done at our doorstep only. This type of website has a huge share in the market. You too must have done some shopping from this type of website. The advantage in this is that you can shop while sitting at home and save time. The major names in the E-Commerce website are flipkart.com, amazon.com, apart from these there are many more, for whose information you can search in Google.

Auction website
These websites are also part of the E-Commerce website, bidding is done for any available product on these websites. Here you can buy and sell any product. The more unique your product is here, the more likely it is to get its price.

8. Social Networking Website
Hardly any person today is untouched by the Social Networking Site. The site coming in this category is known to almost every small child to a big man, because all of them are used the most on mobile. The most prominent social sites among these are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc. The common man usually spends 2 to 3 hours a day on any of these sites. Here you can share your feeling with each other.

WhatsApp and Facebook are the most used social sites in all of these, where more than 120 crore people from all over the world are active all the time.

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