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Information Revolution

Information Revolution 

Information Revolution means Information Revolution because of which we have progressed a lot today. It is a revolution that has affected the whole world. 1980 is considered as the initial decade of information revolution all over the world, after that it started touching new dimensions after 1990s. The biggest contribution of information revolution is in the field of computer and internet. Due to the influence of this revolution, today India has come to be known all over the world with its own distinct identity. The credit for bringing or starting the information revolution in India goes to Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Whatever we do today through internet and computer, this is actually information revolution.

What is information revolution? Due to information revolution, software development has got a lot of boost in the whole world, because it has become the first and foremost need of IT. Today, whatever work we do on computer or internet, we do it in some small or big software. Every year many software experts are being prepared in modern India, who are known for their ability in India as well as in the world. India's Vipro and Infosys company is making its own identity in the world.

Two cities of our country Bangalore and Gurugram are known as Technology Hub on the world map and especially as Information Technology. India is technologically most prosperous today because of its human resources in IT. Today we are recognized in the world because of the information revolution. Most of the Indian engineers work in the biggest IT company of any country. India is so prosperous in the field of IT that today the CEO of Google, who rules the entire Internet, is also an Indian, whose name is Sundar Pichai.

The impact of the information revolution was not limited to the educated and upper classes only, but it affected every common man. Today, due to information revolution, computer awareness has increased so much in our country that some child, old man or any woman in the house has become so intense towards computer that they have been able to do most of the work from home on their own. Are. Along with this, the common man's interest towards many other subjects has also started increasing. It means that every person at every step is deeply affected by the information revolution.

Due to the expansion of information revolution, today internet has reached every corner of our country. Internet and other media related to it have reached every household today. Due to this, the possibility of employment has increased a lot, and its level has also increased. This revolution has given us so many opportunities that today we can easily do any work sitting at home. Software development, blogging, vlogging, banking, share marketing, etc. can be counted prominently in these works.

Where the effect of information revolution is affecting the common man, its biggest contribution is also being made in strengthening the country's economy. Many technology experts of our country are working in multinational companies today, which is a great thing for the country, as well as many IT companies of our country also deliver their products abroad and give dividends to the government in the form of tax. provides. Companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft are investing in our country. This also has a direct impact on the prosperity of our country's economy. What is information revolution?

Due to the development of information revolution, the television industry has also been affected a lot. Where earlier everything was done manually, today it has become possible to do everything digitally. The field of entertainment has been affected so much by this that today we can easily watch any serial, movies or information related to knowledge-science and any other channel whenever we want. Today many TV channels, online OTT platforms are available in India, all of which has become possible only because of this revolution. TV channels have got a huge market in the form of advertisement, due to which many people are getting very good employment opportunities.

There is no doubt that with the arrival of information revolution in India, its far-reaching effects are visible for progress, rather it is a revolution that inspires our lives today as well as the future. It is progressing step by step in providing a bright future to the prosperity of our country. Today our country is developing as a superpower in the whole world in terms of information revolution.

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