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IT advantages and Disadvantages

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology

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Information technology benefits

Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology

Information Technology / IT / Information Technology is proving to be a boon for the modern era, due to which the whole world is making progress in one or the other field. The invention of computer holds a very important place in IT / information technology. Today the computer has changed the whole world, the computer has ended all the distance of exchange of information. So let us know in detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of IT / Information Technology. First we will know about the advantages of information technology, then we will know about the disadvantages caused by it.

Advantages of Information Technology

1. Advantage in Communication Technology.

Today, with the help of communication technology, we can exchange information from anywhere and anytime in the world, in a matter of seconds. Modern technology, which is also called network technology, includes computers, internet and mobile phones, has eased all the difficulties in communication between people. We can make contact all over the world through mobile phone with normal call or video call. Information technology has given people all over the world the opportunity to communicate through online medium. Due to communication technology or information technology, people are becoming aware of various issues all over the world.

2. Profit in business.

With Information Technology / Information Technology, many online / online and offline businesses have made a lot of progress around the world. Using technology in any business saves a lot of time and money. All types of businesses have benefited with the help of information technology. For example, today companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Bangood and Alibaba are doing their business all over the world. Computers have had a great impact within business, and companies have benefited greatly from the advent of information technology. Most of the companies are using information technology systems and artificial intelligence to run their business smoothly and to provide better facilities to the customers. By using this technology, we are providing instant solution to any problem by calling, email or online support to our customers. With this technology, it has become very easy to build good relationship with customers and to know the opinion of customers.

3. Development in Space Technology.

All the development that has been done in space technology or space technology is the result of information technology only. It includes many technologies related to space, such as Space Project / Space Project, Space Research / Research, Space Travel / Travel, Spacecraft etc. Today NASA and ISRO have been able to place their satellites in space with the help of this technology. With the help of space technology, many technologies are available like weather information through satellite, use of GPS technology, telecast from satellite, exchange of information, all these technologies are making us more advanced and prosperous. Space technology has played a major role in the detection and control of natural disasters. And there are many such modern equipment's which can be manufactured today only because of space technology.

4. Development in Transportation Technology.

Due to the convenience of transportation, today it has become very easy for us to go to the country and abroad. Information technology has a big contribution in this too. The invention of convenient transportation technology has made human life full of many facilities. Today, through information technology, we can book railway or air travel tickets sitting at home even before the journey, due to which both our time and money are saved.

5. Development in Agricultural Technology.

In any country, there would have been a huge contribution of the agricultural system there, because no country can be completely dependent on industries, all the raw material to run these industries is prepared through agricultural means only. The beginning of agriculture has been a basic need for humans since the beginning, that is why many industries are based on agriculture. With the use of new technology in farming, farmers are taking advantage by doing a lot of work in less time. Today, with the help of advanced agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, irrigation system, new methods are being used in agriculture leaving the traditional methods already running. With the help of this technology, there is a big contribution in increasing production in agriculture. With the help of robots or automatic machines, those works have also become possible in agriculture which was impossible for a human being to do.

6. Development in Entertainment Technology.

Any modern technology is full of entertainment. New technologies are created to improve entertainment, that is why technology has a major contribution in enhancing the entertainment experience. Today we have many modern means of entertainment, which we use everyday or cook special things at special times, from television, cinema to internet, social media, video streaming, web series etc. are very popular.

7. Technology in Education / Development in Education Technology.

The modern day education system has evolved a lot, now teachers rarely teach anything on the blackboard, they are able to teach children any subject very well through computer technology. Virtual / virtual classes in education are becoming a means of modern education, which are teaching students in a creative way. All activities related to education are being encouraged through education technology. Today students can download notes, PDF or videos necessary for their studies through internet. With the help of technology, students can read, learn any subject on their own without any other help. Every type of information is easily available through computer and internet. Computers are being used by students to store notes and create projects. With the use of technology in education, students are becoming better at technology for the future. Due to this revolution, more and more people are getting familiar with computer technology.

8. Development in Medical Technology.

There is no such field where information technology has not made a place. IT has greatly developed and improved the medical or medical field. Today there are many such medical machines by which various health problems can be easily detected. Complex to complex operations are being simplified with the help of advanced technology. Various types of tests or investigations of diseases have been developed through this technique.

9. Development in Economy.

Technology has contributed a lot in increasing and improving the economy of any country. Today, due to technology, many industries, companies are running, which are providing job opportunities to many people, becoming a source of income for them. With the development of technology, new jobs are being developed.

10. Development in Robotics Technology.

Robotics technology involves building, designing, programming and using robots, and all this has been possible due to the development of technology. Robots / Robots or automatic machines are being used in large industries such as automobile sector, machinery production and many other places. The biggest advantage of this technology is that robots can perform a task at high speed, repeatedly and without fatigue and with precision. It has become very easy to do heavy work through robotics technology.

11. Development in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The purpose of AI / Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence is to develop such smart machines that can do all the work like humans, in these it is to build computers, hardware and software, which, like a human mind, can take any decision with its understanding. Can complete the work. Nowadays, there are many tools and computer software based on AI technology, which do some work very intelligently. AI is being used in many industries and business, according to technical experts, Artificial Intelligence Technology / AI Technology is going to be very developed and prevalent in future. What is Information Technology/IT? What is Information Technology? in English

Disadvantage Of Information Technology

Technology has made our work easy, but we also need to take some precautions in it. See, any thing has both advantages and disadvantages associated with it, same is the case with information technology. Information Technology has both good and bad effects on our mind, it depends on us how we use technology. If anything is used in a balanced manner, it is very beneficial. Technology should be used only within a limit, if we cross these limits then technology can become very harmful for us.

Nowadays people are depending on technology to do even the smallest work, due to which the tendency of laziness is increasing in many people.

As much as technology has made our life convenient, it has contributed equally in spoiling our health. Due to the excessive use of computers and smartphones, many health-related side effects such as insomnia, stress, weakness of the eyes are increasing.

Due to technology, personal and confidential information of many people becomes public due to any one mistake in the data. If this information reaches the wrong people, they can use it wrongly.

Due to the development of technology, people are using the internet to see wrong things in a wrong way, due to which there is a wrong effect on the mind of the people, due to which the crime is also increasing. Many people use technology for negative intentions.

People are wasting their precious time due to technology addiction, nowadays people are spending too much time on social media, messaging, online games, etc., due to which they get used to them, and they do not even do the necessary work at the right time. Could do Most of the young children are getting more attracted towards it, due to which they are not able to concentrate on their studies. It has become a major means of diverting the attention of the students.

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