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Types Of Animations

 Types Of Animations

Hello friends, in our last article, we told you in detail about what is animation, if you have not read that article, then you can read it by clicking on this link What is animation. In the previous article, we had given you complete information related to animation, as well as we had also told you that we will know in detail about the type of animation in our next article.

As you would know that there are basically 3 types of animation.

2D animation

3D animation

VFX ie Visual / Virtual Effects

एनीमेशन कितने प्रकार के होते हैं?

There are also some other animation techniques

1) Stop Motion:


3) Cell Animation:

4) Paint-on-Glass Animation:

2D animation

These are those animations in which you see only the front visuals, as you see a moving picture or picture frame by frame, that is, in these animations, you will only get a one-sided view of the program running on that screen. . In this type of animation, you have to make many frames to show the same object in the slide or frame in animation, with each of their movements separately. To create 2D animation you need to have good drawing skills. 2D animation is when scenes and characters are animated in a 2D space rather than a 3D environment. You can create 2D animation both on paper and on a computer.

Nowadays animation designers/artists use computer software to create everything in 2D animation, including environments, characters, visual effects.

Ever since the prevalence of computers has increased, every animator prepares his artwork through computers, which a few years ago i.e. in most parts of the 20th century, animation was done by taking pictures of pictures on paper and then moving them. Animation was created by placing it on a transparent acetate sheet called a cel. This type of animation stopped with the arrival of computers, with computers, artists create digital animations. With the help of many softwares, all the work is done, an animator does not need to make many paper sheets.

How many types of animation are there?

Computer software, rather than paper, has a larger toolbox of features that allow artists to manipulate animation in many ways, from fine-tuning key elements like timing to making a character look perfectly smooth. If you want to be a good 2D animator without being limited to a few techniques, it's essential for you to know what each tool does and how to use it effectively.

Using 2D animation!

In the early days of computer and mobile technology, all video games were based on 2D technology. Currently, 2D animation is widely used in many creative industries. Along with 3D animation, 2D animation is widely used. Everything from televised cartoon series and Japanese anime to video games and full feature films are done in 2D.

Television is where 2D animation is still most commonly used. The number of programs made with 2D animation is wide. Today many cartoon channels are running on the basis of 2D animation. CGI, which stands for computer-generated imagery, is a fairly modern technology that came into use during the 1990s.

2D Animation Software : Toon Boom Studio, Autodesk's SketchBook Pro, Anime Studio Debut, DrawPlus, FlipBook Lite, Adobe Photoshop, The TAB Pro, CrazyTalk Animator, MotionArtist, Flip Boom Cartoon

3D animation

3D animations are those animations in which we can rotate any object or other shape at its point by 360 degrees. These are the animations in which you feel the reality i.e. 3D animation with the use of a computer program to manipulate the three dimensional objects and virtual environment. Nowadays 3D animation has become so popular because it can be used to create realistic objects and scenes.

To create 3D animation, animators first create a 3D polygon or other shaped mesh/grid with various connected vertices to give it form in any computer 3D software, then make a character by doing various types of modifications in it. Are. After this, the created structure is made alive, in which the help of armature is taken. An armature, which is a frame structure, is manipulated to make objects appear in specific poses. The animation is created by recording every movement of the armature on the timeline, frame by frame. The visuals in 3D animation look very realistic and lifelike.

Creating any 3D animation requires a computer and 3D software/program, which usually comes with a lot of features and allows you to create any type of shape through modeling and simulation. It usually includes various tools for adding lighting, visual effects, physics, and other elements. Only with the help of these tools, you can put those feelings in them, which makes us feel that life.

How many types of animation are there?

Before 3D computer technology, this work was definitely done but it was limited to one level only. The closest thing to 3D animation was stop-motion and claymation, which involved using real life objects and taking pictures to give the illusion of motion. Today it is the most popular form of animation to represent fantasy worlds. 3D technology is now widely used in TV shows, video games and feature films.

Here let me tell you that as impressive as the live-action movies like Jungle book, Transformers, Avatar, The Avengers, Robot you have found, all 3D animation and VFX techniques are amazing. If all the 3D elements are removed from all these movies, then you will not find these movies interesting and impressive at all. Similarly, 3D video games also provide you the same excitement, only and only because of the 3D visualization technology.

Most popular 3D animation software :

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Unity, CINEMA 4D, Houdini, Autodesk Softimage, LightWave, Modo, TurboCAD Deluxe, SketchUp.

2D and 3D animation are used in advertisements, industries more than ever before. for example -

Games / games, movies / movies, television program / TV program, interior designing / interior designing, business / business, architecture / architecture, medicine / medicine and many other multimedia fields / multimedia fields.

What is vfx

These are also a type of animation, nowadays they are used a lot in films and TV serials. Through VFX, we can see many such things in films which are far from reality. In any type of video production, when a scene is expensive or dangerous to film, then that scene is made with computer VFX technology, in which some special effects / special effects are used, these effects can also be applied in video making. Can or can be applied while editing video. So all these effects are called VFX.

As we have mentioned above that it is mostly used in TV and film industry, or this type of VFX is used to show any advertisement effectively. Of course, all this work is done for the TV world only. In today's time, a lot of visual effects / visula effects are being used in film and TV program making. There is also a great advantage of using this technique, it saves both time and money. For this, you do not need to shoot for your program outside, you can make it on chroma screen in any studio.

Nowadays you will be many in which VFX is used in abundance. Bahubali / Bahubali is a very popular film in which all the work has been done with VFX technology only. Two types of screens are used to apply VFX in any video, one is Green Screen and the other is Blue Screen. These screens are called chroma screens. With the help of these screens, the background of the video can be easily removed and different visual or elements can be added inside it. By shooting from the chroma screen, you can add mountains, rivers, plains, forts or any other background in the background of the video.

How many types of animation are there?

Software used in VFX:

VFX / 3D:


3D Studio Max


Cinema 4D

VFX / Compositing:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop




final draft

Apple's Pages (it includes a useful screenplay template


Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro




Adobe Soundbooth


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