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Saturday, December 8, 2018

What is Architecture and how to be an Architect!

Hello friends...
              Our today's topic is, What is Architecture and how to be an Architect!

In this blog, we will talk all about this field. 
If you have an interest in becoming an architect, or you are also fond of creating new formats/designs or you are passionate about planning or making new plans about new buildings, architecture engineering is the best way for you. Which will help you take you to your desired destination? Let's know what is architecture or architecture?

Friends architecture is a branch of fine arts, the art of architecture building is called, of course, it is the construction of any type of building structure, from which the construction of a common house to a wide-scale construction of the genes and landscapes, roads, bridges, tunnels, There are many construction works, airport, dam and many more Let's talk now Architecture

Friends architects are those who professionally build any building or any architectural structure in which all things which we have mentioned above may have been mentioned above. If defining an architect, the architect is designing, designing / designing and building any building. The work of architecture is that he should first prepare a plan about any structure and then prepare his map on paper and then construct it later. Nowadays, all the architecture work is done on the computer, which has become more accessible than ever. And we can already know the technical flaws or architectures of Vaastu created through 3D technology.

Today, we see any of the major dam buildings whose designs are quite unique or are special or even ordinary, so all of them are made by an architect. In Indian culture, Lord Vishwakarma is considered as the largest architect or architect of the Satyuga period.

How to be an Architect!

To become friends architects, you know about the education you should have, which is mandatory to become an architect You will need to do at least 5 years of a degree course to become an architect. You have to pass the 12th class in both mathematics and English subjects for the architects, and if you do not study mathematics and English in class 12 then you will not be able to do the degree of architecture. This can be simpler for students of science faculty. Keep this in mind also that if you have passed 12th grade with English and Maths, then it is mandatory to have at least 50% marks with the passage.
And if you have done a polytechnic diploma in 3 years after the 10th class then you can do the degree of architecture, it is not necessary to pass your 12th class for that too.

If you have mentioned ability's
NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) which sponsors this test every year; In this test, your skills are evaluated with questions related to mathematics and your drawing skills, if you pass in this test then your Admission becomes for the degree of architect.

Architect Course :

B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)
M.Arch (Master of Architecture)

The architecture will not work just by completing this degree. You have got to learn some computer software such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Revit or software wherein we can create architecture designs. Only then will you be able to design/design any building. As you are doing a degree course for architecture, you are also taught computer software which will be very less when you complete your course or degree. You will also be able to find a job in the Architectural field, and if you wish, you can do your own architectural work freely. The more you work in this field, the more time your experience will grow.

After you become an architect, your salary can be much!

After becoming an architect, you have the art in which you have the skill to change the map of the whole world. And those who have talents, they get good jobs and good salaries too, many government departments continue to apply for this post from time to time. You can also find very good salaries in the infrastructure or construction company. The architect engineer's salary is very good. Even if you become an architectural engineer by degree, your salary may start from at least 30000 ₹ to 40000 ₹ months, which will not be available to other engineers, as your experience will increase as the unbalanced experience will increase.

Your salary abroad will be much higher than India and there is a lot of demand for the architect if you have the mastery of building world-class buildings.

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What is Architecture and how to be an Architect!


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