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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What is Animation and what main software's are used to make Animation?

Hello friends and welcome to our web portal www.lshometech.com. We write and post articles related to Technology and Education on this portal, in this link, today we are going to tell you what animation is, what is the type, and what main software is used to make animation. is done. Along with this, you will also tell how much job potential you have in this.

What is animation
The short form of animation is the Latin word for anim, which means "soul", that is, through animation we can show a soul or life in any imaginary object. Or we can explain to you in other words that - Animation is the art of making any inanimate object or other tangible things moving and moving them alive by computer technology or by speaking or moving them. Through animation, we can create everything that is beyond reality or which is not in the world. Like a person getting wings, flying in the sky, showing dogs and cats talking among themselves or all the things that you can only imagine to a different level, which is not in reality. This animation happens.
Let me explain through some examples here, there is hardly any child who has not seen cartoons or cartoon movies on TV. Like Alladin, Chhota Bheem, Motu-Patlu, Tom and Jerry, many films like Jungle Book, Ramayana Animated, Transformer, Avatar, etc. All films and TV programs have been made from animation. It is through animation that the characters of these films or programs are shown laughing, playing, which seem to us to be real.

What are the types of animation?

There are basically 3 types of friends animation.

1. 2D animation

2. 3D animation


What software is used to create animation?

2D, 3D VFX software is used to create any type of animation, which we are giving below.

Top 3D animation software
1. Maya
2. Cinema 4D
3. Blender
4. 3DS MAX
5. DAZ3D
6. Houdini
7. iClone
8. Modo
9. Mixamo
10. Make Human

Top 2D animation software
1. Adobe Flash
2. Adobe Animation
3. Crazy Talk animator 2D or 3D
4. Toon Boom Harmony
5. Opentoonz
6. CelAction2D
7. Pencil2D
8. Tupi
9. FlipBook
10. Spriter Pro

Top VFX software
1. Adobe After Effect
2. Pixologic ZBrush
3. Maya
6. Motion Builder
7. Adobe Premier pro
8. Nuke
9. Mocha

Where is animation used?
Today, animation industry is dominated everywhere, whether you talk about TV, talk about movies, mobile applications or mobile games, animation is used openly and abundantly everywhere. All the games you play on mobile or computer are all created from animation, be it PubG, Drag Car Racing or any other game. Talking about every TV, in our country there are many TV channels running only on the basis of animation, like Cartoon Channel, Pogo, Discovery Kids, Disney, Nick TV and many more.

Nowadays it is being used very much in the film industry, you will get a lot of animation from Hollywood and Bollywood movies, such as Robot, Bahubali, Zero, I, etc. Indian film animation is based and people have also liked them very much.

Job / career prospects in animation.
Friends, here I would like to tell you one thing openly that if you also want to get a job in this field, then there is immense potential in this field today, because at the moment the animation industry is emerging at its peak, that is, in the coming time you will have There is more potential for jobs. I would definitely like to tell you that if you have that creativity, you are interested in animation then definitely go. You can earn a lot of money and name in this industry.

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