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Friday, January 3, 2020

Computer Contribution in Education Sector.

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Computer Contribution in Education Sector.

The importance of computer education has also increased along with traditional education in the modern era. In today's age, computer is being used in almost every field, from any small to big office, Hospital, School, various government institutes etc. you use computer. The work done by Computer is easy and accessible.

शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में कंप्यूटर का योगदान। हिंदी 

Let us know what is the contribution of computer in education.
Nowadays if you go anywhere, you will go to any educational institution, you will get to see computer lab, students are given computer education in these labs. With the help of these computer labs, students can study any subject online or offline whenever they get time or at a given time. Until a few years ago, we had to depend on school, college, tuition, books or our teacher to get education, but today the time has changed. Today we can get different types of knowledge sitting at home without the help of another's computer, and can keep that knowledge stored in our computer permanently.

With the introduction of computers in the education world, the teaching system has become very simple, so the teacher pressure on the children is over, as well as here you get a chance to learn in different ways. Teaching students on computer helps students understand the subject easily. Due to computer, many courses are available online today, which children can study from home, or there are many websites which provide education of various subjects through good tutor online. Where you students can benefit from it, for those who are science and medical students, computer is a boon. Today you can teach any complex process of education through computer.

After the computer arrives, the student can prepare his or her own notes. You can save these notes in the computer forever, you can also share these notes with your friends. Even if the student has to make a presentation, you can make it with the help of power-point in the computer. In addition, teachers in schools also teach children through power point presentations and projectors. Complex questions or problems can be solved easily with computer education.

Today we can say that the multipurpose form of computer education exists before us, whether it is in the field of education or any other field. Science and mathematical work has become very simple through computers. Along with this, you can do all these complex works in various languages ​​like publication, speech communication, word storage and direct illustration. You get the same curriculum in computer, from primary schools to universities, teaching material.

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